Sunday, January 3, 2010

My first attempt at blogging...

Inspired by the thousands of great beading blogs already out there, I've decided to start my own. So... here we go!


  1. I was looking around and found your site and i love your patterns..I have visited Beads N other Needs in CA and i saw that they have classes on some of your bracelets. My question is can you or do you have a pattern for the Easy crystal bracelet and the Isabella bracelet as I don't live in CA and woudn't be able to take those classes? would love to create my own.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Denise,
    I actually live here in Santa Clarita right down the street from Beads N Other Needs. I had never done right angle weave before, and ordered a couple of Deborah's patterns. I was so excited about how easy they were to follow, I took them in and showed them off. They hadn't seen them yet and were just as pleased as I was. The store now has classes for some of her projects. I'm happy about that because everytime I go in there I get to see more of her stuff in person.Best of luck to you, and Deborah your patterns are beautiful.


  3. Thanks Denise and Sandy!
    Denise, Easy Crystal Bracelet is a free one at my Web site: Just click on the "Free Patterns & Tutorials" tab on the left side. Something to do between all these rain storms!