Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brush Dance Flex Journals on sale, 2 for $4.00

If you are a fan of Brush Dance, and heaven knows that I have given them lots of my money over the years, then you will be as thrilled as I am over their new "Flex" journal sale: two of the same design for only $4 for the pair:

Flex journals are beautiful little journals, generally around 5 by 7 inches, color soft cover with about 120 inside pages that are unlined on the left-hand page and lined on the right-hand page, perfect bound and with spot illustrations and quotes that repeat throughout the pretty pages. I find these journals perfect for keeping my "beady" notes and thoughts. They usually sell for about $10 each so this is quite a deal.


  1. Hi Deborah..thank you for posting about our sale. I hope got a few nice things!

  2. I think I have at least 12 journals coming my way :) Congratulations on creating such a gorgeous line of products and MANY THANKS for the sale!