Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cube Brocade Bracelets

 Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets

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My two-hole bead Brocade Bracelets pattern has a sister! The Cube Brocade Bracelets pattern uses NO two-hole beads at all. Instead, use size 11 seed beads, “any” type size 3mm beads and 3mm cube beads to make a band or wider cuff (separate directions for each), OR use size 8 seed beads, “any” type size 4mm beads and 4mm cube beads to make some fatter bracelets using the same step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions.

Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets

3mm Cube Brocade Band
• About 450 size 11/0 seed beads: Toho Bronze #221
• About 96 Color1 size 3mm round beads: Luster Opaque Amethyst
• About 24 Color2 size 3mm fire-polished beads: Iris Purple
• About 54 size 3mm cube beads: Toho Metallic Iris Purple

Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets

4mm Cube Brocade Band
• About 350 size 8/0 seed beads: Miyuki Picasso OP Brown Tan Rocailles #4517
• About 72 Color1 size 4mm round beads: Dark Bronze
• About 18 Color2 size 4mm fire-polished beads: Opaque White Picasso
• About 42 size 4mm cube beads: Toho Hybrid Light Beige Picasso
Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets

3mm Cube Brocade Cuff
• About 500 size 11/0 seed beads: Toho Gilded Marble Turquoise #1703
• About 108 Color1 size 3mm fire-polished beads: Metallic Green Turquoise Picasso
• About 27 Color2 size 3mm fire-polished beads: Opaque Luster Champagne
• About 108 size 3mm cube beads: Toho Hybrid Turquoise Picasso (NOTE: the 3mm and 4mm, Hybrid Turquoise Picasso cube beads are being discontinued so get them where and while you can!)
Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets


  1. I purchased this yesterday with paypal. I even paid full price. Why didn't I get my download?

  2. The downlink goes to the email used at Paypal for your download purchase. Please email me at and let me know which email you would like me to send the pattern to and I will discount you 25% as well.