Thursday, March 31, 2016

NEW free pattern: Twin Peaks Bracelet & Earrings

 Twin Peaks Bracelet and Earrings

An embellished version of my Silky Stacker pattern that can be created with Silky beads but you can also use some of the new Czech two-hole beads that are just as much fun and so pretty—Honeycomb beads, DiscDuo beads and 2-hole Cabochon beads. Directions for matching earrings included. 

Step-by-step web instructions and a downloadable PDF at the bottom of the page is located here——or just click on the photo above. Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Lilac Gray Dragonfly Bangle and Earrings

Week 5 of the 2016 Spring Fashion Colors Series features the color Lilac Gray, which Betsy has used to bead up my Dragonfly Bangles and Dragonfly Earrings patterns. Click here or on the photo below for exact beads used and links to these two FREE patterns:

 Dragonfly Bangles and Earrings

The complete 2016 Spring Fashion Colors Series to date is located here: Each week features one of my free bracelet and earring patterns that Betsy of has beaded up in some amazing beads and color combos. Five more weeks to follow! 

Iced coffee, from week 1, is another favorite. It uses my free  Triangle Weave Band and Jeweled Earrings patterns:

 Triangle Weave Band and Jeweled Earrings

Monday, March 14, 2016

Some Truly Delicious Czech Two-hole Beads!

MiniDuo Bands at

It’s hard to tell sometimes if all these new Czech two-hole beads are a blessing or a curse. Although they can be quite a bit of fun for designers, these days I do sense that some beaders are getting a bit frustrated by all the “new two-hole beads” hitting the market. Me, too… and then I see some really awesome new  beads and I just have to have them.

Such is the case with the new DiscDuo beads and Czech 2-hole Cabochons. What a delight these beads are! In fact, I have enjoyed using them in my MiniDuo Bands pattern so much that I have updated the pattern to include them and am eager to see how well they work in my other patterns.

DiscDuo beads are manufactured and distributed exclusively by the Potomac Bead Company. To me, they look and feel as if you took a Czechmates Tile bead, made it round, but still kept all the wonderful colors and coatings available in the Czechmates line. They are so delicious looking that I would, in fact, keep kids and pets away from them because they do look good enough to eat. DiscDuo beads are available for sale at here: Here is what they look like in my MiniDuo Bands pattern (you can get links to the exact beads used by clicking on the picture and scrolling to the bottom of the page):
 MiniDuo Bands at
The new Czech 2-Hole Cabochons are about the same width and height as the DiscDuo, but much rounder and fuller at the top—as if you took a 6mm round bead, sliced it in half and gave it two holes. I have found them very difficult to find for purchase in the U.S. at this writing but I’m sure they will be more widely available soon. I purchased the cabs used in the photo below at Poppy and Gene’s Beadery Etsy shop here: You can also buy them at the Potomac Bead Company and they will be available at soon. Here is what they look like in my MiniDuo Bands pattern (again, you can get links to the exact beads used by clicking on the picture and scrolling to the bottom of the page):
 MiniDuo Bands at
And while we are on the subject of cool new Czech two-hole beads, there’s the new DiamonDuo... on my bead table right now. They seem to be selling out as fast as they appear. More on these beads to come….