Monday, April 25, 2011

New pattern uploaded: Larkspur Bracelet

I just uploaded a new pattern to my Web site: Larkspur Bracelet, $4, also available at For those who prefer the larger beads, this is the Crystal Wiggle Bracelet on steroids, using 8/0 seed beads and 6mm bicone crystals, 6mm glass pearls and 6mm fire-polished beads. If you prefer a more delicate bracelet, you can sub in 11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicone crystals, 4mm glass pearls and 4mm fire-polished beads instead. This pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New pattern from Carole Ohl

Carole Ohl has a new pattern up for sale at Her Awesome Blossom is indeed awesome!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where did you get that clasp?

I often get asked what clasps are best to use and where I get the clasps I use on bracelets in my patterns. I think everyone has different tastes when it comes to clasps. Some people prefer toggles and some hook and eye clasps. I don't have any set rules for selecting clasps. I usually have a good selection on hand and make a decision based on what I think looks good to me, or if the bracelet is a gift, what type of clasp I know the giftee prefers.

I do, however, have my favorite places to buy clasps: has a huge selection of high-quality clasps. My favorite are these little spiral J-clasps (B0837-sgr-2 and B0837-ggr-2) that sell in sets of five and come in both sterling silver and gold-plated:

Once a year, I make a major purchase from I say major because they ship all the way from Bali at $17 FedEx International Priority (to the U.S.) so I find it best to buy as much as I can in one order to make up for shipping costs, but you just can't beat their prices, even as the price of silver continues to skyrocket. They have an incredible selection of sterling silver toggle clasps but years ago I fell in love with this simple hook and eye clasp (C3037) that you see on a lot of my bracelets:

Sometimes sells this clasp in vermeil as well but I don't see it listed today. I also buy earwires here. has some really unique clasps, especially clasps with gemstones. Their selection changes constantly, however, so what is there now may be gone tomorrow:

Just remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a clasp. It's all a matter of personal preference so just go with your gut. For years, I only used hook and eye clasps but now I use a lot more toggle clasps. You'll find that your tastes change over time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New pattern uploaded: Diamond Tila Bracelet and Earrings

I just uploaded a new pattern to my Web site: Diamond Tila Bracelet and Earrings, $5, also available at This pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions for a bracelet and matching earrings. Note, I used 4mm bicone crystals but any 4mm bead will work:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Style of Jolie

Style of Jolie—an artistic jewelry exhibition of the collaboration of London-based designer Robert Procop and Angelina Jolie at Julien's Gallery Beverly Hills, with all proceeds benefitting the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New tutorial: How I Add Thread

Okay, taxes are done so back to more important things... like beading :)

Over time, I've had a lot of beaders ask me, "How do you add thread?" so I finally wrote up a tutorial. It is called "How I Add Thread" because it is the way I was taught but other beaders may have different methods. This method works well for me, though. You can find the free tutorial at, or just click on the photo below:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some more great freebies

Here's another batch of links to some fantastic free beading patterns on the Web:'s Mandala Bracelet:

...and St. Petersburg Necklace:'s Wire Wrapped Teardrop Earrings:

Embellished Right Angle Weave Necklace Tutorial from Chris Franchetti Michaels, contributing writer for's Emilia (scroll down and click on the text EMILIA to download a PDF with excellent drawings):'s Fordan:

... and Masaro:

... and Filae:'s Spiral Stitch Tutorial:

... and Herringbone Variation:

Caravan Beads Blog Drop Bead and Seed Bead Earrings:

... and Peyote Triangle Waves Bracelet:

... and Regal Caterpillar Bracelet:

... and Looplicity Brick Stitch Earrings:'s Making a seed bead floral chain:

... and Beaded Flowers:

Crystal Circle Beaded Pendant from Jennifer VanBenschoten of
... and Art Deco Beaded Necklace:

... and Summer Forest Pendant and Double Spiral Rope Necklace: