Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Tila bead patterns from Marcia Balonis

Another of my favorite designers, Marcia Balonis, has uploaded some beautiful new Tila bead patterns to her Web site, BaublesbyBalonis.net. Payment is through PayPal and she can either email a PDF or mail the pattern.

Tila Checkerboard Bracelet:

Tila 3 Strand Bracelet:

Tila Ribbon Bands Bracelet:

Tila Windows Bracelet:

Tila Peak A Boo Bracelet:

They are lovely, Marcia!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New designs from Carole Ohl

So while I've been goofing off on vacation, one of my favorite designers—Carole Ohl—has uploaded a bounty of beautiful new designs for sale:

Diamond Dew Cuff:

Vintage Fire Necklace:

Trinity Earrings:

Wave On:

Rustic Rounds Necklace:

Filigree Focal Cuff:

Tila Tower Earrings:

Three Button Peyote Cuff:

What a beautiful collection!