Friday, December 17, 2010

Last minute gifts...

Oh, it's going to be a big beading weekend for those who are making baubles for family and friends. If you have more beads than money these days, here are some of the best FREE patterns (in my humble opinion) on the Web, and oh yeah, don't forget to check out my Free Patterns & Tutorials:

Sabine Lippert's Blommor:

Sandra Halpenny's Round Lace Bracelet:

Art Deco Earrings by Alexis:

Jann Christiansen's Sealed With a Kiss Bracelet:

Ruth Kiel's Two Drop Dutch Spiral Necklace:

Ruby's Star Bracelet:

Jennifer VanBenschoten's Modern Brick Stitch Earrings:

Rita Sova's How to Create a Toggle Clasp:

Beki Haley's Flat Undulating Herringbone Bracelet:

Michelle Skobel's Imperial Majesty:

Shanna Steele's Woven Starburst Pendant:

Seeing Stars by Eva Maria Keiser Designs:'s Making a French Hoop Ear Wire:

Sabine Lippert's Little Stars:

Starflower Bracelet by JayCee Designs:'s Tie Chain:

Vicki Star's Herringbone Flower Bracelet:

Jean Power's Lacy Herringbone Bracelet:

Marylo's Mandala Ring:

Mini Kimono Bead by Toika Bridges:

Ruby's Herringbone Bangles:

Princess Earrings by Alexis:

Sandra Halpenny's Tennis Bracelet:

Jann Christiansen's African Helix:

Beki Haley's Spiral Rope Bracelet:'s Beaded Rings:

Ruby's Crystal R.A.W. Bracelet:

Sabine Lippert's Maze Lace:

Sandra Halpenny's Seed & Fire Necklace: