Sunday, January 24, 2010

New pattern uploaded: Puffy Heart Pendant

I finally took my free Heart Pendant and made a double-sided Puffy Heart Pendant out of it. The pattern finished at a whopping 19 pages with 108 illustrated steps, available for sale at or

For the larger heart, I used 4mm bicone crystals and 4mm fire-polished beads but you could also use all 4mm fire-polished beads or 4mm pearls or rounds. The smaller heart is my favorite but it uses 15/0 seed beads and 3mm fire-polished beads so it's a bit tricky to bead until you're familiar with the pattern.
The pattern was extremely difficult and time-consuming to write and illustrate. I'm hoping it's clear but please send feedback if you have suggestions for improvement.

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  1. I really like this pendant. I made one for myself after purchasing the pattern. I love it.