Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another new earring pattern up

I just uploaded a new pattern—the Mandala Earrings:

The pattern is also for sale at Bead-Patterns.com and Sova-Enterprises.com.

The design is sort of a strange combination of triangle weave, peyote and netting. I started by using six Delica beads for the beginning center circle (in Step 1) but felt they were too bulky. However, if you are not comfortable starting with such small beads (the pattern calls for a beginning circle of 15/0 seed beads), you can start with six Delica beads like I did here:
Using Delica beads for the initial center ring of beads does make the mandala "cup" more, though.

I also found that if you use metallic 15/0 seed beads, you may have to pull or "massage" the mandala so it hangs flat when you are finished. Just pull at the edges as if you are making a pie crust.

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