Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking about paper

It always amazes me what beauty can be created with the simplest of things. Take paper, for instance. Until Barbara Maccaferri emailed me, I had never heard of quilling. I thought at first, it was a typo and she meant quilting. Then I made a visit to her Web site, PaperRosesQuilling.com, and found that not only is quilling, like beading, an ancient artform, but an amazing one at that, and Barbara’s work is just beautiful.

A little while after I got Barbara’s email, I got one from Janice Bautista who wanted to feature my Hana-Ami tutorial on her Web site, PaperBeads.org. The site now has a wonderful 2-part video on how to make a paper bead flower using the Hana-ami motif:

There’s plenty more videos and you could definitely get lost on this site for hours and hours. The tutorials and videos are very clear and there’s even one on making paper beads from a cat litter bag, proving that you can make art and beauty out of just about anything:

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