Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beyond my beading table

For me, one of the best things about creating a bead pattern is seeing what colors and types of beads other beaders use, and what little touches they add to make the design their own. Here are two beautiful examples.

Instead of pearls, designer Debra Wilde used gemstones to bead my Scalloped Pearl Necklace and the results are stunning. You can see more of her creations at her Etsy store—


Myra Fierro used segments of my my Tila Bands pattern to highlight this beautiful owl connector. More info about this piece is on her blog and you can find many more creations at her Etsy store, Ramy's Designs—


  1. El collar turquesa es precioso, me encanta!!!
    La pulsera de tilas es un encanto, tengo debilidad por las tilas. Un buen trabajo. Felicidades.

  2. Those are truly beautiful renditions of your patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My first beading pattern was yours, and I have learned just about everything I ever needed to know about making beautiful jewelry from your patterns, links and blog. Every question I have had, you have answered. You have been a wonderful mentor. Thank you so much for honoring me in your blog.

  4. Beautiful!!!! I am a great admirer!