Sunday, December 9, 2012

New pattern uploaded: Tuscan Drop Earrings

I was playing around with my Tuscan Earring design and found that these earrings looked even prettier with a drop. This pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions for two drop versions: one with pearls in each corner (at right) and another with pearls in the center (at left). I used Swarovski #5500 9x6 pear drops but any drop bead will work.The Tuscan Drop Earrings pattern, $3.25, is available at my website, and


  1. Hey Deb - I couldn't possibly agree more! The drop really makes these special. I have been a big fan of the Tuscan set and have made it in several colors In the past for gifts. I am really looking forward to trying out this new variation with some beautiful Swarovski drops that have been waiting in my bead box for just tbe right pattern! And once again Thanx for the "Joy" savings. Valerie

  2. Thanks so much Valerie! Have a wonderful holiday season! Deb

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