Monday, January 28, 2013

new FREE pattern: Starburst Earrings

Easy earrings made from seed beads, two-hole SuperDuo beads and the new Rizo beads (like SuperDuo beads but slightly longer with only one hole). There's a downloadable PDF at the bottom of the Starburst Earrings pattern page.

You can also find links to the exact beads used on this Starburst Earrings pattern page. I got my Rizos, as well as the SuperDuos beads, from


  1. Hi...just a quick question....How tight should the tension be? i mke one earring and the Rizo beads wont lay straight. Any suggestions?


  2. Tight as you can but the Rizos won't lay perfectly straight. Mine bend slightly so pull tight and get them to bend in the same direction so that you have a slight dome going with the entire starburst. Go around the outer ring of beads again if you need to and pull tight. This is why Fireline works best cause you can pull tight without the risk of breakage.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Its great to know I wasnt doing it wrong lol.

    2. Hi I saw on one website they used a little clear glue on the back of earring and it works great., and when it dries you don't see it.

    3. Interesting, thanks. Clear nail polish or my new favorite--Permalac NT from great for stiffening beadwork.