Monday, March 4, 2013

new pattern: Any Bead Bracelet

Any Bead Bracelet, $4.00 at and


I call this bracelet the "Any Bead Bracelet" because you can use any 4mm beads (round beads, druks, glass pearls or gemstones, bicone crystals or fire-polished beads) and any two-hole beads (Twins, SuperDuos, Czechmates, Czechmate Bricks or Tila beads) to create many different bracelets from just one pattern design. And when you have exhausted all possible combinations, substitute 3mm beads or size 6/0 seed beads for the 4mm beads for even more variations.


  1. Wow Deb you have outdone yourself! I love your style and this is a great addition to your work. I think I'd like to try some of the substitutions you mention at the end before exhausting ALL of the previous combos. What fun! I've got designs coming out of my ears right now but I'm keeping this bookmarked for later.
    You inspired me to try and figure out what else could be fiddled with while keeping true to your basic design, and I think some of those tiny 2.8mm magatama drops might be nice at the corners where the 11's form a picot. You know, just in case you do run out of other possibilities. :)

  2. Yes, those little drops would look pretty! If you give it a try, it woud be great if you could post a picture to the Facebook page for those to see:

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