Thursday, April 25, 2013

new FREE pattern: Linda's Tweaked Jeweled Bracelet

My free Jeweled Earrings pattern has been adapted into a beautiful bracelet by Linda Genaw—Linda's Tweaked Jeweled Bracelet! The pattern is available at Just click on the pretty picture below:

You can find the free matching Jeweled Earrings pattern at as well:

Thank you so much, Linda!


  1. I absolutely love this! The colors are so beautiful. Thanks so much Linda. Could you please tell me the specific names of the bicones and fire-polished beads. Thanks so much!

  2. Here is the info from Linda on the beads that she used:
    "The fire polish beads are 6mm 'Opaque Pale Turquoise Star Dust' which I bought at Beadaholique:

    The seed beads are Miyuki 11-0457H bronze which I buy locally at a shop called Beadoholique (note the "O" instead of an "A"). The label on the tube doesn't have a name but I've seen them online going by names such as "olive brown" or "muddy bronze". The ones I used in this bracelet are dull but not quite matte.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a color name or number for the bicones. The store where I bought them has inexpensive Chinese bicones dumped in a bin. You never know what colors they're going to have and I've never seen that same green again since." Thanks, Linda!

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