Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cube Bracelet pattern facelift

Was playing with the gorgeous Toho hybrid 4mm cube beads this summer and discovered that because the Toho cube holes are so much bigger than the Miyuki cube bead holes, they just swallow up the size 11 seed beads in my Cube Bracelet pattern

So... I used size 8 seed beads and 6mm instead of 4mm fire-polished beads and the result was a heavier, more substantial band so I added the variation to my pattern. 


Details and beads used here: http://www.aroundthebeadingtable.com/Patterns/CubeBracelet.html

Betsy at RedPandaBeads.com has the Toho hybrid cubes listed if you want to look at all the pretty colors: http://www.redpandabeads.com/category_s/2688.htm. I love them!

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