Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The word every designer hates to hear... "discontinued"...

There's nothing worse than hearing that a favorite bead color or coating has been "discontinued" by the manufacturer. Such is the case with these gorgeous Toho Hybrid Turquoise Picasso 4mm cube beads (as well as the 3mm version). I had been saving them for the perfect pattern and finally used them for my new Cube Brocade Bracelets pattern only to hear that very soon, these lovely beads wouldn't be available for purchase anymore:

 Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Cuff

So... if you see them, get them while they last! After a search today, I was only able to find the size 4mm cube bead version used in the photo above on Etsy and eBay—search for "Turquoise Picasso 4mm cube beads" on these sites. Sigh...

Here's a list of the beads used in the photo above for the 4mm Cube Brocade Cuff version:

• About 400 size 8/0 seed beads: Toho #4514 Picasso OP Seafoam Green Miyuki Rocailles
• About 21 Color1 size 4mm fire-polished beads: Opaque Pale Turquoise - Star Dust 
• About 84 Color2 size 4mm fire-polished beads: Opaque Luster Champagne
• About 84 size 4mm cube beads: Toho Hybrid Turquoise Picasso