Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New beads for old designs

Lately I've been having fun giving some of my old designs a refreshing facelift with some new beads. If you purchased a pattern before the update, you can get information on beads used and substitutions on my Addendums page here:


Updates to free patterns have been added to the free pattern page and PDF.

Just click on a picture for more details on beads used and the pattern!

Skinny Twin Cube Band (free pattern)

hi Linda!

Although I originally used Preciosa Twin beads, SuperDuo beads work great for this simple and easy design.

Tila Squared Bracelet & Earrings


Quarter and Half Tila beads, as well as Czech 6x6mm Tile beads (the most popular brand is called “Czechmates”) and 5x5mm “Tile Mini” beads also work great in this design.

Lacy Medallion


This design works wonderfully with 18mm round LunaSoft cabochons instead of crystal rivolis. German LunaSoft cabochons are made of lucite, which gives them an ethereal glow, and come in many different sizes and colors.

Twin Cube Wave Band


SuperDuo and MiniDuo beads work especially well as a substitute for Twin beads in this design with just a couple tweaks!

Flower Earrings (free pattern)


I have updated my free Flower Earrings pattern so that they are a little stiffer, have a prettier attachment to the jump ring and also work with 6mm Czech 2-hole cabochons instead of 6mm round beads in the center.

Tila SuperDuo Bands


Although I originally used SuperDuo beads for the Miyuki Tila bead version of this band when I designed it in 2012, the new MiniDuo beads—a smaller version of the SuperDuo bead that came out last year—actually work way better!

DiamonDuo Mini Star Earrings (free pattern)


The new DiamonDuo Mini bead measures 6x4mm, about the size of a SuperDuo bead. With a few bead substitutions and step changes, my DiamonDuo Star design works beautifully with these new beads to create some fun earrings.

Harlequin II Band


The new IrisDuo beads from Potomac Bead Company work fabulous when substituted for GemDuos and DiamonDuos in this pattern.

Tila Medallion Bracelet & Earrings


 Adapted for the new 5x5mm "Tile Mini" beads.

Silky Squares Bracelet & Earrings


Adapted for 5x5mm "Mini" Silky beads.

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