Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New pattern uploaded: Tila Bands

I just uploaded a new pattern to my Web site: Tila Bands, $5, also available at Bead-patterns.com.

This pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions for two Tila bead bracelets: one using seed beads, bugle beads and Tila beads (left) and a second using seed beads, round beads and Tila beads (right). Note, I use 4mm tiger eye beads for the "round bead" but any 4mm bead will work: bicone crystals, fire-polished beads, round druks, etc. It's a very versatile pattern and one of my favorites so far.


  1. I just ordered some Tilas and can't wait to try this pattern! Gotta say, this is my FAVORITE blog. I check it daily. You make patterns so simple to follow. I LOVE YOU!!