Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tila Herringbone Bracelet by Marcia Balonis

Addicted to Tila beads? I know I am. And Marcia Balonis has just posted a beauty! Her Tila Herringbone Bracelet pattern is now for sale and it combines the best of both worlds—Tila Beads and the Herringbone stitch:

Right now, Marcia's patterns are available as print and mail, and payable via PayPal. She also has a number a kits for sale and will be teaching classes at this year's Bead & Button Show. For more information on how to purchase this lovely pattern, check out her Web site:


  1. Pretty.............I will look for more from you, great design.

  2. Awesome bracelet. I liked seeing bracelets in two colors. The tila bead makes perfect sense for a bracelet with its flat design. Gorgeous.